Sidewalk Cleaning

Do you require professional Sidewalk Cleaning in Louisville KY? We offer Residential & Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning Services throughout Louisville and the surrounding areas of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Call us today for all of your Sidewalk Cleaning requirements.

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Sidewalk Cleaning in Louisville KY

Louisville’s Premier Sidewalk Cleaning Services Company. We specialize in cleaning Concrete Sidewalks & All Ground Surface Areas. We use the latest in Pressure Washing machinery and equipment and have a vast cleaning product knowledge which allows us not only to clean sidewalks but restore them, removing a wide variety of stains and contaminants.

Why Clean Your Sidewalks?

Home Owners, Business Owners & Property Managers can all benefit from our Sidewalk Cleaning Power Washing Services. First impressions are very important and often the first impression somebody has on your premises or home is the exterior. How well your property is maintained on the outside will mean the difference between a positive or a negative first impression. A clean extra can equate to higher property values, higher rental returns, more customers, more business from existing customers.

Sidewalk Stain Removal Services

We are very effective at removing the most commonly found stains and contaminants that appear on Sidewalks. We remove the following stains from Concrete and Sidewalks: Chewing Gum, Oil, Grease, Food Stains, Drink Stains, Leaf & Tree Stains, Paint, Graffiti, Algae, Moss, Dirt, Animal & Bird Droppings, Rust and much more. Call us today regardless of the type of stainage that you have on your concrete sidewalks, because there is a high likelihood that we can remove them.

Sidewalk Cleaning Maintenance Contracts

We offer our commercial clients, scheduled Sidewalk Cleaning contracts. This can benefit many types of business that want to maintain there Sidewalks all year round and not waiting for them to get dirty before they get them cleaned. We can tailor these agreements to our customers specific sidewalk cleaning and exterior cleaning requirements. The frequency is depending on the level of traffic and the amount of dirt and grime our clients Sidewalks usually attract. They are typically every quarter or twice per year, but can be either more or less frequent. These programs are designed to save our clients money, whilst portraying a professional image and well maintained establishment at all times.