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Roof Cleaning in Louisville KY using the Soft Wash Method

Do you require professional Roof Cleaning in Louisville KY?

We provide Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Louisville and surrounding areas of Kentucky & Indiana.

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Louisville’ Premier Roof Cleaning Services Company. We provide Residential or Commercial Roof Cleaning.

We specialize in all facets of Roof Cleaning, we have the knowledge and expertise to clean restore all types of roofing materials.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Those unsightly black algae stains commonly found on Roofs across The United States are not only ugly, they can contribute to a reduce lifespan of your roof and lead to premature replacement potentially decades before it should be replaced.

That is because the algae actually feeds on the limestone filler present in Asphalt Shingles, the most common type of roofing material. This filler is what holds the shingle together.

It also works by reflecting the sun’s UV rays, keeping the home or building cooler in the Summer and also retaining the heat inside your home or building, keeping it cooler in the Winter months.

Why You Should NEVER Power Wash Your Roof

Power Washing is not only ineffective at removing and killing algae, moss, lichen and other micro-organism growth, but is also quite damaging.

Power Washing your Roof can easily dislodge the limestone filler and granules of your Asphalt Shingles and contribute to a much reduce lifespan of the roof.

A typical roof that is well maintained can last over 40 years, however neglecting to maintain your Shingled Roof or using improper cleaning techniques to restore it will mean it will only last a fraction of its potential lifespan.

Premier Roof Cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky & Indiana

We have been cleaning Roofs in Louisville and surrounding areas of Kentucky and Indiana for many years. We are leaders in the Exterior Cleaning industry and are active members of the leading forums and associations across North America.

We use the Soft Wash method, the only method recommended by GAF and the leading authorities in the Power Washing industry such as UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners).

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