Building Facade Cleaning

Are you looking for Building Washing or Building Facade Cleaning in and around Louisville KY? 

Louisville & Kentucky’s Premier Building Facade Cleaning Service. We specialize in Low, Medium & High Rise Building Cleaning & Restoration. We have the knowledge and expertise to clean all substrates that buildings are constructed from including brick, cement render, stucco, wood, metal, siding, stone and much more.

Soft Washing of Building Facades

We provide expert Soft Washing services to clean and restore buildings of all types. We use Eco-friendly cleaning agents in conjunction with Low Pressure Water Cleaning to clean buildings and restore their exterior to their original condition, whilst preserving their structural integrity. Excessive Power Washing of buildings can easily damage delicate substrates that buildings are commonly constructed from. Brickwork can be pittered, defacing the bricks, as well as sandstone which can cause irrevocable damage. Soft Washing is the only recommended method to clean and restore building facades, as stimulated by the leading Power Washing authorities across America.